Get active

Get informed is the first step you can take to be part of the sustainability movement. The best thing is you can start right now. Follow our links and read, watch and think about the content you will find. Many of the sources listed bellow will help you understand the actual situation and the complexity of topic. Others will inspire and help you to see the different perspectives of sustainability. If you want to get practical advice on sustainable lifestyle, you will be looking forward to check some of the Blogs, which explore sustainable and green design, state of the art technology and offer many further ideas, which are easily put into practice at home.

Basic information

The U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs, division for Sustainable Development, and The World Bank Group are good sites to start with. They offer an introduction to what Sustainable Development is and what the different issues and sections are e.g. Industry, Poverty, Biodiversity, Means of Implementation…
If you want to find out more about Climate Change then the following site is a perfect source. It has grouped the information and ressources according to the level people start at. Both, beginners and specialists, will find enough reading materials.
News and articles on sustainable management are presented by Harvard Business Review in a very innovative way. For entrepreneurs and those who like to think like them.

Watch and learn

TED is a platform with talks and performance on a diversity of topics devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. This site will definitely help you to see the different perspectives of the world and its most fundamental problems

Watch online documentaries: These sites have plenty of documentaries available online, so that you can watch them at any time. The topics are very broad and include politics, ecology, religion, science, business and miscellaneous

Read it, try it, enjoy it!

Treehugger is a great site which gives you advise on how to live, design, shop, travel, eat . . . green. It is a good mix between information and style
Another great site which combines the every day topics with ecological and sustainable advices is Planetgreen

Articles targeting not only innovative, sustainable thinking, but stressing their repercussions and interconnections to our everyday

10:10 is a movement Individuals, families, schools and universities, small shops and global brands, film stars and politicians … almost everyone can sign up and help cutting their carbon emissions by 10%.
Manage your stuff and control your consumer habits, save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends and neighbors.

Calculate your footprint and try to reduce it


We receive offers from many people who are interested in getting involved in the issues we care about. Many
organizations have the greatest need for volunteers to achieve their goals and unique missions. Therefore we put together a list for everyone who is interested in volunteering. Below are some of the best online resources available for learning more about volunteer opportunities.

Tips on Volunteering and Nonprofit Jobs

For Professionals and Executives

For Youth and Student Volunteers

International Opportunities